Throw out your Colorado Pet Treats Jerky from Petco


This image is from a fresh package of Colorado Pet Treats Pork Jerky, purchased at Petco about a week ago, opened today.

The best-by date stamped on them is 7/7/15. The jerky is covered in a thick white growth of some kind. There is no damage to the package, no way in for moisture or air.

Colorado Pet Treats has previously tested positive for salmonella, according to their web site. They say they receive high FDA marks now, yet they print a warning in bold letters on their packaging for people to wash their hands after handling their treats.

I've contacted the company and sent them the pictures and offered to send them the product for testing. They declined the offer. Even though the expiration date is a month away, their excuse is that the product -- fresh off the Petco shelves -- is years old.

You might not have this jerky at home, but any friend of yours might. Contaminated jerky has sickened and killed thousands of pets every year. This stuff might or might not be dangerous, but it is definitely not something you want to feed to your dog.

If you know anyone who is sightless and has a service or pet dog who might be fed this without seeing the contamination, please let them know.

Any company that sees these images of their product and says they don't care is not to be trusted with your dog's health. 

Please share this.

Cellphone Wallpaper Download

That pretty picture of Smartypants from last week makes a great lock screen image for a smartyphone. If you'd like to download one, Click here. On your phone, the image has lots of silvery tones.

To install it on an iPhone, just mail the picture to yourself. Open the email on your phone and touch the screen and hold until it asks you to save the image. Then go to your settings, choose wallpaper, and select it from your photo album. Pinch it out to make sure it's all there, click 'set', and there you go. Put the phone to sleep and wake it back up to see how it looks.

On Android, email it to yourself also to get it in your album, and then, from what I understand (I don't know Android), you go to Settings>Device>Display>Wallpaper and choose it somehow.

The layout works well for the iPhone, but as I don't have an Android to test it on, I don't know how it'll look. If anyone tries it, please post a shot or email me one.

Look – up in the sky! Is it a bird?! Is it a plane?! It's... The Duck in the Clouds!

What are the chances of this happening...?

Some of you noticed that the other day I changed the name of the site to The Duck in the Clouds. It was just a silly joke to see if anyone noticed. 

The next morning, I changed the name back to the erstwhile The Dog in the Clouds right before loading Junior in the car to take her for her walk. Ten minutes later, this – well, you decide what it is – appeared. So, today I am obliged to change the name back one more time to prevent a meteor from dropping on us.

When you're in the mood for high strangeness, turn to Your Home for Yellow Duck Journalism, The Duck in the Clouds.