Not An Easy Dog™ Redecorates

Roo is not sure that her employee has the right to place her in the bath tub any time he likes and shower her. Though that's a separate issue, it leads to today's Redecorating Tip from Roo Kahoo, Not An Easy Dog™.

Couch too brown? Would it look better if it happened to match your own pleasing golden tones? No problem! You can always help it develop a rich tapestry of long yellow hair that you won't have to worry about your employee vacuuming out, because these particular hairs can be threaded so deep into any fabric that they'll never come out. All it takes is a little wiggle to ease them in - and presto! - you're done.

Having taken care of your good deed for the day, you can return to your regularly scheduled nap while your employee prepares your dinner.

Not An Easy Dog™: Why I rarely need to wash my hat

On every walk, Roo insists on carrying the hat back to the car. She walks next to me and keeps looking up at me pleadingly, bugging me relentlessly until I had it over. Not An Easy Dog™ is pictured here demonstrating how she navigates a waterway with a hat.

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Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog

Special photographs will be offered for sale from now on. This is the first. Orders will be mailed immediately. 

These are beautiful, high-quality, signed and stamped prints, and of course you can return them at my expense if you don't like them.

Print Sizes and Mailing

Today's Edition of Not An Easy Dog: Roo Wanders into Chemical Munitions Dump, Enjoys Herself

I'm assuming the substance on Roo was a discarded chemical warfare agent of some kind, designed to be sprayed onto advancing troops to glue them into place, and probably outlawed by the Geneva Convention. Roo spotted a particularly tempting mud hole and naturally dived right in. I didn't think much of it, because there would be clean water ahead for her to rinse in. This stuff, however, wouldn't rinse off. At all. I got in the river to try to wash it off, and it would not come off.

So, Not An Easy Dog™ had to have yet another bath, which, as some of you know from personal experience, dogs do not give themselves. Nor do they shake off until they are standing next to the least waterproof items in your home.

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