Roo Pounces

During the past week, when some copperhead forced Roo into bed rest, she had more time than mouses to kill and decided to write her autobiographical action screenplay. She's been bugging me to post it, but I won't until she polishes it at least a little. You know how these triple-threat actor/directors are, though. She thinks she'll be able to sell it on the strength of the trailer alone, even if it's nothing but two unedited shots. As far as she's concerned, these two shots completely tell the story of her battle with the snake. There's no talking to her.

Quickie Snakebite Patient Update

In another couple of days, she can go back in here. This was taken just Before Snakebite.

In another couple of days, she can go back in here. This was taken just Before Snakebite.

Rooki is more or less back to normal. Her arm doesn't seem to be hurting as of tonight, though she was still groaning a little this afternoon. That was more likely due to boredom than discomfort. Tonight I drove her to a park and before we got out of the car touched her arm on the snakebite and told her that she was going to have to be careful of the snake. She put her ears back and her head down and looked like she was remembering what happened.

On Sunday, during a brief walk on her first full day back from the ICU, a woman getting out of a car saw Roo on a leash and asked if I minded if her dogs were off. Naturally I don't mind, but this struck up a conversation about Roo having been bitten. Right away the woman asked if Roo happened to have been bitten on Hardtimes Trail (appropriately named), because one of her Aussies had been bitten twice there. She said that the park where we were didn't seem to have any snakes.

Tonight, regardless of whether Roo understood the first word of what I was saying about the snakes, I couldn't bring myself to let her off leash at all. I'm more spooked than she is. At one point, she approached a tree stump with a kind of caution that I had never seen her use before. So, who knows.

But the good news is that she's not sick any more and not uncomfortable. In fact, if appetite were the sole gauge, I'd say she's feeling better than ever.

Roo right before and after the snakebite

This is painful to watch, but here's the Kahoo about 15 minutes after her snakebite. The first five or so, I think, were after she stumbled out of the bushes looking surprised. The onset of the pain was quick. After those five minutes, Roo was limping enough that I checked her paw and forearm for thorns or cuts. There was nothing evident. Within another couple of minutes the pain was bad enough for her not to want to walk at all. I carried her as far as I could, but the last 300-400 feet were just beyond my capacity. When I put her back down, the bit of rest she had from being carried for 8-10 minutes seemed to have helped. Here she is hobbling her way back. She was at the ER ten minutes later. 

And this is either when she was bitten or a minute before:

Roo in recovery mode

Here's the little bear crashing out. She's a little on the low key side, but considering what she went through, she could have been a lot worse. Thanks again to the great team at Regional Emergency Animal Care Center and Dr. Ulke and Vet Tech Rachel and everybody else there. Everybody was gentle and kind to Roo. How lucky to have such a fine ER clinic right there. 

The swelling is down almost all the way. There's just some puffiness under one of the punctures. The medications seem to help. Roo will get a last does of painkiller tonight. I held off on it, but I can see that she's not as comfortable, so why not.

She has demonstrated an interest in verifying whether snake does indeed taste like chicken or whether that was just a drug-induced hallucination.I have been steadily obliging her requests for extra chicken for experimental purposes. She is after all, Rookyl the Snakey Bear.