Bed Bear

Since I first started fostering Roo at the end of last July, one of the things I've focused on is trying to teach her to play. Of course she has a natural play instinct, but because of the neglect she suffered as a puppy, she never learned any games. And every dog needs play to develop, not to mention that Roo’s got some fun to catch up.

A few times a day, I grab one of the stuffed toys that she loves to pick out in pet shops, and get her to play with me. I honk it and squeak it and get down on the floor and she gets interested. Only over the last couple of days has she started to understand that there’s an actual game involved. I encourage some gentle tugging - which I see as a way to build her confidence, because she will only do the tiniest bit, but a bit more every day, and she smiles as if she thinks she’s getting away with something when we do it - and some tossing and fetching and catching.

Here’s the Roo Kahoo with one of her favorite hedgehogs after playing the game of Bed Bear, where I toss her the toy up on the bed and she catches it. She loves it, it gets her to jump and bat it around and land it.

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Rooki and the bear

Rooki and the bear