Rooki's nose is rapidly changing color

Arizona, January, 2013

Vermont, October, 2012

Los Angeles, july, 2012

Los Angeles, july, 2012

What is going on here?

I’m a little worried about Roo. This crept up and I’m afraid I didn’t notice it sooner. Roo’s nose is getting lighter. Not just a little. In the bottom picture, little Rooki was fresh out of jail and still feeling terrible, but it’s a representative shot of her nose coloring. In the middle shot, she’s in Vermont in late October. Her nose might be lightening up a little, but it still has a lot more black around the edges. In the top photo, taken today, her nose is positively pale.

I’ve been googling it like crazy, and it could be an allergy to plastic food bowls, which is what she’s been eating from (she won’t any more). There are a few people out in the ether who swear that dogs who dig a lot can slap the paint right off their noses, which I find hard to believe, but the fact is that Roo digs relentlessly and shoves her nose in the dirt as hard as she can to smell her quarry. She snorts like a madman and jams all her weight onto her nose in the hopes of getting it a millimeter closer to a mole.

There is the possibility of pigment changing just from growing up, or from sun. Then there is a chance of a more serious health issue. But Roo’s health is great. Her physical condition is improving all the time, and she’s vigorous and strong, getting healthier in every way.

I’m not sure what to make of this. The last time I took her into a vet’s office - in Vermont - she was panic-stricken. She fought not to go in the door, so I don’t want to torture her with that unless necessary. Has anyone seen this or know anything?