Another Dog Appears in the Clouds - for Kordy

Kordy Pehl Moore added a comment to the Roo/UFO video saying it was just what the doctor ordered - which is really saying something, because she wrote that from the ICU following critical brain surgery. A comment doesn't get more moving than that.

Right after that I noticed how bright it was outside. Full moon, just as it was the night I took the picture of the dog in the clouds in Kathmandu. It seemed like a good idea to try to get a picture of the light for Kordy. The moon was silver-lining these clouds, and to me, this one looks like a big dog leaping across the sky. I see the dog's head and snout, the torso and the paw stretched out in mid-stride ahead of him.

With that furry chest, this dog looks a lot like the Roo Kahoo... but, every dog is the dog in the clouds.

This picture is for you, Kordy, to wish you godspeed in your recovery. You sound, and look, great.