Brief Update: Getting ready to leave Arizona

On the loose dirt of that tilted path, I was stuck, trying not to slide off the edge. How I got up there is a mystery. Roo was showing off how easy it was for her to run back and forth. I don't know if dogs miss places. I suspect they do. If they do, Roo will miss this one.

Hi, Everybody - 

Time to move on from Arizona. Rooki and I are pulling up stakes on Saturday. Four days away, and I don't know which direction to head in - the choice isn't even narrowed down to north, south, east or west. But the idea of subjecting Roo to Los Angeles is getting harder to imagine. A lousy apartment somewhere. Noise. Wild places to run a long drive off. And, of course, that's where she was hurt. I can't help but think that returning there would be a real step down in a dog's opinion. 

Her development has been staggering. It has got to be directly related to the exercise and confidence she is getting from her experience outdoors. Eating a raw diet also seems to have noticeable effects on her general well-being.

Anyway... Roo has got to keep running. In a different way, so do I. It does mean she gets dragged along. I hope she won't mind.

Mexico is starting to look better all the time. 

*          *          *

Sorry to be out of contact. I thought I was getting over whatever this lingering illness is, but it came back full bore. 

Roo's story is about to go up on Amazon as a Kindle e-book. When it does, would any of you care to review it? Reviews are absolutely essential. It'll be up in a day or two. I'll mention it here. 

Not feeling well here, so goodnight, friends.