Roo, Snow. Snow, Roo

[I'm such a wonderful filmmaker that I forgot to include the opening shot to the sequence, so here it is with that shot.]

New Year's Eve, and Roo is delighted to ring out the first half of 2012, when she was a starved and frightened puppy locked up alone and never exposed to anything - making even the slightest noises a source of terror. In the second half of 2012, she was rescued. She's looking forward to a 2013 without any of the bad parts.

Roo celebrated with her first sips of pure dog champagne - AKA snow. She's starting 2013 as a healthy young dog learning that not everything is scary. For someone whose ambition in life is to be able to help dogs, Roo made 2012 one of my most special years, too.

If you watch carefully, at one point in the video my puppy makes a little snow angel.