Already a rattler

It was just before dark and this is a cellphone picture, so you can barely see the rattler. But there it is. We arrived in Arizona a couple of days ago. I haven't let Roo off the leash once, because I'm so worried about rattlesnakes. Everyone has been telling me how they haven't seen any - and, believe me, I've been asking everyone. Rooki and I, of course, stumbled on one right away. Like that racer snake in South Dakota,  this one was slow moving, but giving us the eyeball and flashing his tongue like a madman. Because it's a cell phone picture with a wide lens, the snake looks smaller than it was, which was two feet. Roo showed no interest, but if she was trotting along, she wouldn't hesitate to sniff at one of these guys. This is not helping with any aspirations for peace-of-mind. 

Does anyone have a place we could borrow in northern Italy for a few months? Or forever? All kidding aside, that's the goal. 

Go up in a straight line from Rooki's head. The little light squiggle is the rattler.