Roo's Electric Mouse

Now Roo has to put up with me being sick again. Whatever I had last year, and earlier in this year, is back in spades. A BIG shout-out to Rockin' Doctor Jim Raker for his special attention. We nonetheless drove around like maniacs today. Roo got to chase bunnies where the "possible rattlesnakes" sign was, and another hour or so of walks, but I couldn't keep up with her needs. As a last resort we wound up in this absolutely worst of America's Motel 6s, for those of you will recognize the decor, which is purchased second-hand from the Stockholm municipal jail.

But - on the interstate we passed a Cracker Barrel. I had never been in one, but someone once mentioned that they had electric squirrels of some kind that Roo might enjoy. I was feeling so bad for her having to be in the car and lousy motels so much that we stopped to pick one up. They have a ton of junk in there, all of it from China and arranged to look like it was made by your grandmother in Kentucky, but, buried among it was indeed the electric mouse. Actually it's an electric weasel, which is funnier (and Orville was known as the Sneaky Polar Weasel).

Roo was momentarily interested, but she has been spoiled by the real thing. I was just hoping it would dampen the usual fear response she has to a new room, and it might have done that. We're edging closer to Mexico just in case. I'm not sure if I wasn't broadsided in the head by someone with a two-by-four.