Roo's Day of Reckoning - Part One

Roo was deposited by her ruthless Daddy at the groomer this morning. To add insult to the upcoming injury, the groomer happens to occupy the back part of the building where we go to buy Roo's duck jerky and the occasional bear. When we pulled up, Roo naturally thought she was in for a treat.

The Kahoo happened to be covered in mud, sand and water from a brief dip in the river prior to meeting this fate. When we got to the groomer, Roo, still under the misapprehension that she was on a jerky run, was anxious to have a good shake. Like any dog, Roo prefers to shake inside a car whenever possible, either after jumping in when wet, or before exiting, so as not to burden the outdoors with any dirt that would be more useful on the ceiling and dashboard. She was next to me in the front seat, and, fearing the worst, I successfully stopped her from shaking three times. Finally, she hopped in back and shook so violently that an entire layer of new mud was added to the interior. Not that it mattered. Long ago I gave up trying to de-dog the car.

Still, without Roo on my hands I went to the car wash and tried. 

It can not be done.

More to follow once the Mud Puppy is freed from captivity later.