Roo rescues a little dog

Rooki just rescued a wayward little West Highland Terrier. We went out for a walk and there he was running around in the street outside the motel. Fortunately there was no traffic. He was interested in Roo, but ran away and under a pickup truck when I got close. I told Roo she was going to have to handle it. She went to him and got him out from under the truck so I could give him a couple of pats and scoop him up.

Once he was airborne in my arms, Roo thought the idea of a flying dog was hilarious and started jumping up and down. I stuck him in the car so I could rummage for a leash. His tag said Astro and I was calling the phone number when I heard a woman's voice from a block away calling, "Astro! Astro!" 

Little Astro had gotten loose and decided to wander near the gates of Fort Huachuca (pronounced wa-choo-ka).

Anyway, it turned out okay for little Astro. I was expecting to have to put him up tonight, which would have been fine. Unless Roo made a squeaky toy out of him.