Update: Skunks, Kindles and Mexico

Hi, Everybody -

Rooki cornered a skunk yesterday in the hollow of a cottonwood tree. It was the first time she ever saw one. In moments like that, when she is face to face with an animal, her recall fails. That's in fact the most worrisome thing about her. Nothing is more thrilling to her than checking out another animal to see if they are chaseable. She knew that I wanted her to come, but the skunk was just too fascinating. The skunk was safe behind a tangle of branches that Roo could never have penetrated. When the skunk's tail came up, I didn't wait around any more. I found out that I can still run. WIthin seconds it was like WW I. The entire battlefield had been gassed by the skunk. If you haven't experienced a skunking you would never believe how quickly the stench spreads.

I was around a bend, already planning on trying to bundle Stinky up in a towel in the back of the car in the hopes of not getting the cloth seats and carpet irreversibly skunked. I was imagining her usual joyful shake - a pleasure which she reserves until she is inside the car, thank you very much, Kahooki - wondering if it would spread skunk juice all over the place. Would if ever get out? We were out in the middle of nowhere, miles from the nearest gallon of tomato juice.

Though this photo was taken a few weeks back, it shows how Rooki Kahoo was feeling about herself.

Though this photo was taken a few weeks back, it shows how Rooki Kahoo was feeling about herself.

Then, here came Rooki running back towards me at full tilt. You should have seen the self-satisfied grin on her face. Oh, she was proud of herself. She had confronted some animal that even Daddy ran away from. She was a big shot, and she knew it. Roo felt like she was ten feet tall.

Prepared for the worst, I took a sniff at her to see how bad it was. Nothing. Another sniff. Still nothing. Somehow, after going right up in the skunk's face, she didn't get sprayed. 

Of course I was relieved. I guarantee you little Miss Stinky wouldn't have minded, though.

*          *          *


The series of stories that most of you already read about Roo's rescue, fostering and adoption that were published last year are up on Amazon now as a Kindle book, titled Notes from a Dog Rescue in Progress. Amazon will only allow it to be given away for free for five days spread out over the next 90. Because we’re going to Mexico and don’t know about internet, it’ll be free all day on February 2, so I think it’ll start at midnight. Until then, it’s at 99¢. So download it any time tomorrow for free.

Amazon allows a total of five free days out of 90, so there will be others if you miss this. And they  made me remove the stories from this site in order to qualify for 99¢ pricing. It’s really important that you download. Most important, though, are reviews. Those of you inclined to review it, have at it. There is nothing - nothing - more important to an unknown little Kindle having a chance to be seen by others than reviews. And remember, I’m saving up for a Zeppelin trip for me and Rooki, so we need those reviews. There is also a 'like' button next to the title. Hitting that couldn't hurt, either.

Kindle cover for Notes from a Dog Rescue in Progress

Kindle cover for Notes from a Dog Rescue in Progress

By the way, if you don’t have a Kindle, don’t worry - you don’t need one to read Kindle books. Amazon has readers available for any computing platform and smartphone. Usually, it’ll tell you in the buy-click area if it is available for your computer. Or, you can check the app store for your tablet or smartphone.

We’re on the road as of tomorrow. Wish us luck.