Roo addresses the crow and vulture problem

On the deserted beach at San Carlos, Roo has no one to hunt. So, she tries to have a little sport with the birds.

View this at full-screen so you can see Roo's double-take on the crow more clearly at the beginning when the crow responds to being chased away by some uppity gringa puppy with her fancy haircut. The flock of birds look like they might be juvenile vultures, judging by their wings (please let me know), and the last one is a definitely a vulture.

The Kahooki book

One more review and the Kahoo e-book on Amazon will have 50. It's been in the top ten all week in a couple of the dog categories. Thank you again to everyone who downloaded it and especially to everyone who took the time to review it. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.