Little Miss Smarty Pants

The Brat.

Lately, Roo has been finding out about the pleasures of being naughty. It started with her discovery that if she ran onto the porches of all the houses on the beach, I, not being a nimble quadruped able to fly over the sand like a certain little streak of giggling golden lightning, could do nothing about it. Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha! Funneee! She seems to think she has me convinced that she has a medical condition that makes her deaf - coincidentally - only at those moments when I’m telling her not to go someplace. 

Part of what she’s doing comes from a change she’s going through: Roo is getting much more playful. She loves it when I gently grab her legs and paws. Not quite wrestling, just barely taking ahold of her and letting go. It makes her laugh like a madman and she more softly than I have ever felt a dog’s mouth takes my hand. When you combine that with the developing penchant for misbehaving (just a little), things like her new car game are the result. It consists of not getting out of the car when we get someplace, and giving me this Come-on-Dad!-make-me! smile. She’s not really sure how this game is supposed to play out, but she has the idea that there’s a game in there somewhere. 

Her new variation on the game is to pretend that she’s about to get out, if only I’ll give her the leash. She poises at the edge, of the seat, stretches out as if she’s going to jump. When I give her the leash, she lies down and gives me this look. Doesn’t she look so proud of herself?