It's hot in them thar hills

I'm sure some of you are at a point in your winters where you don't really want to hear how hot it was on the Santa Monica trail where Roo and I went for hike today. But it was. Ten minutes away, at the shoreline, it was chilly under a heavy, rolling fog. LA trails have beautiful views, but they ain't much in the way of action for any dog who has experienced American back country. In the exceedingly few places where they are allowed off-leash, you're generally stuck on a trail that doesn't let a dog do much ranging. 

Tomorrow Roo will hang out with her Indi Lab buddies and Donna Salvini, Doyenne of the Dog World, while I finally go to the doctor. The little Kahoo is so exhausted as I post this that she hasn't even eaten her bedtime treats. As you can see, Bearface, Jr. got pretty hot today, so no wonder she's conked out.

*          *          *

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Roo and Brian, photo by Melody Platt.