Happy as a pig in - well, let's just say a poke

I had been warned by Donna Salvini from Indi Labs that there was a stream near one of the only off-leash hiking trails around that was so dirty that I'd regret it if Roo went in. I forgot. Roo, of course, homed in on this as if it was a visit to a Swiss bank account. This sticky black mess stinks of sulphur. 

Roo disguised as a chocolate Labrador.

Roo only looks dejected in this picture because I made her hold still for a second and she didn't want to be wasting a moment of joy at her accomplishment.

Roo couldn't possibly have been more delighted. Me, too - so delighted, in fact, that I left my bicycle - the picking up of which was one of the main reasons I returned to LA - on the street and drove away in delight. Fortunately it was there when we got back. 

Of course, it was one of those things that happen that you don't like because it will trash the car and require a wash. But, in truth, the Kahoo had me laughing every time I looked at her.

After an accidental rinse when Roo chased a cat into a cleaner part of the filthy stream.