Update and book news

The Rooki Kahooki Heiho and I have been stuck in Los Angeles for two weeks. The main lesson? Everything about the countryside is better for dogs. Here, the only places she can be off-leash are limited paths with no water (unless you want to count the sulphur bath she took last week) and with no place to run. And, after seeing how her fur naturally glowed every day for the last six months - because she always had clean water to bathe herself in - the effects of LA grime are all too evident. Her beautiful golden coat is taking on a tinge of the streety grey it had when Roo first came to me as a foster. Me no like.

I was born and raised in the city. Manhattan, but I far prefer living in the country. One of the things that dogs do is encourage a healthier lifestyle. When the Kahoo is able to get more exercise - run and hunt and dig and chase and clamber over all sorts of terrain without fear of getting hit by a car - those become the best few hours of my day as well as hers. The same was true when Orville was alive.

Just about all the stuff we came here to do is over. All that remains is to regroup, reorganize and repack all the junk we’ve been carrying around for six months and hit the road. Which I hope we will do on Monday. I was thinking of heading south back to Mexico, but no. In another of the 180s you’ve come to expect from the peregrinations of Roo and me, we’re going to Oregon. Up there, Roo will be in fresh water and on good trails every day. So that’s next.

*          *          *


Notes from a Dog Rescue in Progress just came out today in paperback. Because it's such a slim volume (60 pages total), I was hesitant to print it, but so many of you emailed wondering what was wrong with me that I finally got it together. I know that many of you are in a hurry to order a few dozen copies and spend Saturday afternoons handing them out in front of your local pet and feed store, and your evenings hand-delivering copies to all your neighbors, so I apologize for delaying all that fun.

It was only fitting that Rooki got to enjoy the very first copy. Someone please email me with a detailed explanation of how you say no to such a cute puppy. I’m sure someone has figured it out. What's the secret?