Land Roover

Rooki and I traded in the beat-up Scion on a 1969 Truck. Many things on it even work. We're headed out of town to the Washington-Canada border to a small rental cabin that belongs to another writer. I am dizzyingly behind on my work, and the cabin sounds like the ideal place to get it done.. And, of course, the Kahoo will have the next in her string of beautiful places to run. We're hurrying to leave today. It'll be something of a trek through sleety, possibly snowy mountains to get there. In an old truck. Updates, pictures and videos will start appearing here more regularly soon.

Rooki likes the new truck. She found out that she doesn't have to stretch across the seats to put her head in my lap the way she did on the Scion. Now, she can curl up and squeeze her whole body right up against me.

More to follow...

Roo with her new Land Roover.

Which, as you can see, she has already baptized with some Seattle stream water.