Roo gets stuck on a sand ledge in landslide country

Last month, next door to where we're staying on Whidbey Island, one of the bluffs that rise from the beach collapsed. Homes were lost in that landslide, which residents say sounded like close-in thunder. That slide was famous because of the extensive damage and threat to the lives of people living there. But the slides happen all the time in places where there aren't houses at risk. The sandy soil  just isn’t stable. 

Because Roo is doing penance at the end of a leash most of the time to pay her debt to society for her disappearing act the other night, I walk her up this stretch of beach. With the water on one side and the bluffs rising on the other, there’s nowhere for her to go, so I let her run free.

Being Roo, however, she still found a way to risk her pretty little neck. I wonder if a similar pickle might not have accounted for her absence the other night….