Contest winners

At the stroke of midnight, with Rooki Kahoo kept up late for the occasion with a nice juicy bone, we logged on to, a site where you can securely enter any list and have it randomized. The top five subscribers are the winners of pawprinted copies of Roo's book, and the five after that are the runners-up. If the winners don't respond with mailing addresses by the end of Thursday, their copies will go to the runners-up in order on the list.

As you may remember from signing up for email alerts, no names are associated with the emails. So, all I have are email addresses, which I'm sure no one would be too please about my publishing here. So, in order to protect the innocent, here are the first few letters of the five winners and the runners-up in order. I hope your email address starts the way one of these does. If you're on the list, make sure that you check your email, notices already went out, and reply with your mailing address.


  1. cindis
  2. Melis
  3. barbd
  4. nimsg
  5. dmcke
  6. kellym
  7. Linds
  8. Mkenn
  9. tamar
  10. sabal