Before the blog: Waking Roo

This blog started up in January, so a lot of Roo's early days with me were previous to this. Once in a while, I'll post some of them here for those of you who haven't seen them. I'll headline them Before the Blog:

In this one, Roo and I are in Colorado about six weeks after she came to me as a foster, and right after we escaped from Los Angeles. In those early days, she was healing from the various traumas to her body and mind. She had a lot of sleep to catch up on, and she often slept until noon. In this video, you can see how fast asleep she was.

What strikes me is how thin her arms were compared to how they are now. She was 16 pounds lighter than she is now. Her chest was sunken, her legs and shoulders bony. Her hindquarters were shriveled. By this point, she was only showing the last traces of her limp.

Funny stuff started to happen so soon after the sad part of her background came to an end.