Moving Day

Whidbey Island is so beautiful, the people are great, and Roo loves it. So, it seemed like a good idea to stop hitting the road and stay here for a while. The main reason I posted nothing in the past three weeks was the obsessive search for a place. There were houses for rent, but they were all too big. All we need is one room. The two of us alone wasting space and money in a bigger house wasn't going to happen. 

But there was nothing that fit the bill. For a couple of weeks, it looked like Roo and I were going to have to get back on the road - after finally finding a place we'd like to stay. I was starting to search for the next motels - and dreading it. The little house we rented on the beach was no longer available, so we were going to have to move. I got Roo a soft-sided crate so that she would have a safe place wherever we went. She took nearly three weeks to set foot inside.

Not knowing Whidbey, I was hoping to stay in the area where we were because there was a 40-acre fenced dog park that the Kahoo loves. Only bigger and more expensive houses were available up there.

Somehow a listing for a tiny one-room house to the south of that escaped my notice. I was looking mainly on Craig's List, but this realtor doesn't list there because of all the emails they get from scammers. On the web site, the pictures made it look awful. It was vacant for five months. No one wanted such a small place. For Rooki and the monk, however, it is just right. It's on the bank of idyllic Honeymoon Lake in Greenbank, Washington. The first day I saw a bald eagle right outside. The next day, there were three of them swooping down to the water.

That 40-acre dog park in the last place? I noticed some cars parked outside a gate and took a look. There is a 300-acre fenced dog park here. Maybe more. It's huge. The Kahoo loves it.

So, finally, after nine months of peregrination, Rooki Kahoo and I are going to stay put for a while. You can see that she looks tired of moving around, too. 

Making sure the movers (me) didn't lose the mattress topper I got in response to all the miserable old motel beds we've been on lately.

Kahoo - cute even in repose.

Honeymoon Lake