Roo's education begins

So much for Kahoo's days of wine and roses. She's in the army now. So to speak.

One of the things about moving around so much that was bothering me was that Roo, like so many of today's wayward youth, was not receiving a proper education at PS Outta the Back of the Car. And the little Kahoo definitely needs some schooling. She's a good girl, and she likes to cooperate, but her recall is only about 80 percent. It only takes one time to get hurt, and I'm not kidding myself about how easily she chooses not to come when she's more interested in chasing someone.

She started with a private consultation. We were assigned some games to play to get her to respond more quickly. Rooki liked the trainer a lot, and everything is if course positive reinforcement. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. Her first class isn't for another ten days or so.

This is Rooki at the end of the day.