Mud puppy

Here are a couple of pictures of the little mudpuppy. There's a particular smell that accompanies these shots, a fragrance that Rooki picks up deep in the Whidbey Island woods. It's part moss and part whoever she found to roll in. The irony is that the Kahoo lives on a clean little freshwater lake, and yet, she doesn't go swimming in it. I'm going to work on that with her. I'm sure I'll regret it.

Roo is feeling great these days. She's constantly pouncing on one of her stuffed hedgehogs. She especially likes to get into a game after she eats, which was something Orville used to like to do, too., so it's doubly touching.

Look at how red the rim of Roo's eye is in the picture with the leaf on her nose. When she goes rooting around in the bushes, she comes out that way. It looks like it must be irritating, but it doesn't seem to bother her at all, and it goes away in a short time. Any ideas what that might be? Nettles, maybe?

Rooki's classes start tomorrow morning. I have to make sure her backpack is filled with her new pencil case and notebook. If any of the other kids decide to pick on her, they're in for a surprise. Queens of the forest do not suffer effrontery lightly.

Yesterday we were leaving the Coupeville dog park and I was holding the gate open for her. She came right through without a second glance. I had forgotten how, for months, Roo would recoil from any door with my hand on it. She must have been used to someone slamming the door on her when she was locked up. A hand on the door meant bad news to Roo. Now it doesn't bother her at all. Her healing keeps going on all the time.

Roo will be learning how to go around with an ear up in the air in her new class.

Rooki's balancing act. Wouldn't you think you would see something like that? When she came out of the bush with leaf on her snout, it stayed there for the next ten minutes.