For all the dogs who hate having their nails clipped

I wouldn't normally put up video of someone having their toe nails clipped. But, as the first anniversary of Roo's adoption approaches, this reminds me of how much the frightened puppy who was too scared to let me cut out the concrete that was wedged between her footpads when she was sprung from the shelter has changed. The  concrete was old and gravelly, and Roo was so atrophied, barely able to walk, that who knows how long it was stuck in between her toes. It must have been so painful. As those of you who've read her story know, it took her a couple of days to decide to let me handle her paws. Just look at her now.

Please vote in the Petties - instructions at the top of this page - so that we can send $10,000 to Indi Lab Rescue, without which Roo, and another 400 dogs per year, wouldn't ever get to enjoy every dog's favorite activity - getting their nails clipped.