Sneak Milkshake Thief

During all that time when Rooki Kahoo and I were covering thousands of miles driving the breadth of the country - twice in two months - we would sometimes stop for fast food. She found it astonishing that I had the influence to get someone in a house to hand me cheeseburgers. Now, look - I do my best to try to feed Roo properly. At the moment, her raw-diet dinners are imported from New Zealand. Nonetheless, Roo gets a taste of everything I eat, provided it's not something unhealthy for dogs.  Some people might consider that a crime, but as my friend Jon Winokur put it when I told him that, "She's joining you." And that's so true. If I have a piece of salami, or a bowl of cereal, or the occasional scoop of ice cream, Rooki joins me (don't get her started on ice cream - her new love in life).

At fast food joints I would order Roo a burger with nothing on it and give her the patty with a few tastes of the greasy bun. It was a fun part of road tripping for her. We haven't been to any of those places in months. The other day, we passed a Burger King and I pulled in. When we got from the drive-in window to the parking lot and I was opening our orders, this is what I found when I looked down.