This just happened

I've been working on The Dog in the Clouds. It's difficult and not going as quickly as I would like. I worry constantly about how much time it's taking. Nothing to do with that, about once a week I check YouTube comments, and there was one for that video (link). I haven't looked at it in a long time. I clicked play. At 1:24, with the shot of Orville walking into the fog, there was the sound of glass smashing. In the still of this windless day, a clock had flown off the wall. I'm NOT implying it was anything mystical that had anything to do with Orville. But things can have meaning just because as humans we are equipped to read meaning into things.

The sound of breaking glass is not the sort of thing that Roo would have reacted to too well in the past. And this time, it certainly startled her and sent her scurrying over to me, with her tail tucked, but only for a couple of seconds. The strangest thing happened: she started smiling and gave me one of her slow wags. 

I'm not saying it means anything. It's just what happened just now. Worrying about running out of time, thinking about Orville, a clock smashes itself, the Kahoo reminds me that she is here - now - and that she's doing all right.