Let's throw some money to the dogs!

The Petties Pet Blog Award nominations have been announced, and obviously there's been a terrible mistake, because The Dog in the Clouds is the only blog nominated in two separate creative categories. The Petties are the most prestigious pet blog awards on the web, mainly because the Petties puts their money where their snout is. $50,000 is at stake. The prize money goes to the rescue or shelter of the winner's choice, not to the blog. It would be the most wonderful commemoration of my one-year anniversary with Bearface, Jr. to win some money for Indi Labs. 

The thing is, TDITC is a new blog, so we have nowhere near the audience of the competition. Getting as many votes is going to be a much taller order than it is for them. I'm so grateful that you guys put TDITC over the top for the nominations. Two categories doubles an already mind-blowing honor. I truthfully had no expectation of being nominated. I didn't even check on the day they were announced. There are just too many good blogs and great bloggers out there.

But now, the idea of our winning $1000 or $2000 for Indi Labs means there can be no letting up, especially with the big vet bills stacking up at Indi right now. At Indi Labs, 100 percent of donations goes to the dogs, which is more than a lot of charities can say. No one, including Donna, who works all day every day on the rescue, collects one red cent. Living money is made after hours (of which there aren't many when you have three of your own rescued Labs and usually another five foster Labs and Goldens watching your every move, as Donna does).

We can make it happen. There are enough of us that if we all vote, and vote every day between now and July 31, we could squeak across the finish line. Everyone is allowed to vote once a day. 

Voting is easy. You just go to the website and sign up with an email address or log in with Facebook, which is a snap. Those of you who voted in the nominations know that it was complicated and the page didn't work well, and you had to do lots of typing - but not now. It's smooth, easy and fast.

Here's what to do:

  1. Go to http://petties.dogtime.com/finalist-voting
  2. Find two categories: Best Video Post and Funniest Blog
  3. Select The Dog in the Clouds
  4. Click Submit. 
  5. Set some kind of reminder to vote every day. For example, I simply taught Roo how to tell time and then to do three somersaults while howling The Rose of Tralee in F-minor. This way I'm sure to remember.

At the Petties voting site, there are links to all the nominated blogs and posts, so you'll get a chance to check out the state of the art in the pet blogging world. And then, once you've seen the state of the art… you can vote for us. 

Thank you all.  

Roo, who thinks that the winnings will get her name chiseled into a building on the campus of her alma mater, Independent Labrador Retriever Rescue of Southern California.