Paroo has died

Paroo, the brave little parrot who Roo found on the street last week, passed away. She seemed to be recovering at the rescue where she was in San Diego, but the severity of her injuries finally caught up with her, and some insidious damage within was overtaking her fragile life. The bruising on her beak that resulted from a fall or a crash became worse, and suddenly she began to lose strength. Twice her heart stopped and CPR was administered. For brief moments she came back before she died. She suffered in her last days, but she always displayed the same magnificent courage as her namesake Roo. That's part of the spirit of Paroo that everyone who got to know her will remember.

The sheer weight of the numbers of hurt, abused or unlucky animals means that some won't make it through rescue. Even though Paroo's last days on Earth were hard, at least she was surrounded by caring people and other birds. It's a testament to her that though we barely knew her she is already missed.

Paroo. Rest in Peace, little bird.