TDITC Wins Petties Award for Funniest Blog

Funniest-Blog (2).png

The Dog in the Clouds was the only blog nominated in two creative categories of the web's most popular pet blog awards, The Petties, from That, in itself, taught me why everyone always says they're humbled when they win an award. The reason, of course, is that I had nothing to do with the nominations. It was all of you who made that happen. And when you find that you have support like that, it puts a luster to your view of the world.

I knew that being nominated twice was much more than I deserved. After that, I expected to win about as much as I expected Roo to find a parrot lying in the street when we went for a walk the other morning. 

You might find this admission strange, but I cast lots of votes for the competition in the finals. I read their blogs and watched their videos, and thought they deserved to win more than this blog did. Nonetheless, on Friday the awards were announced, and The Dog in the Clouds won the award for Funniest Blog of 2013. A really terrific video won in that category - the video I happened to be rooting for. Make sure you see it at the Petties site. 

What the award means is that all of you cared enough to spend the time voting. That is the real prize, the one I keep thinking of. Thank you.