Roo's List Logo Art by Larime Taylor

Artist Larime Taylor made this sketch from my favorite photograph ever on this site, by Alex Koffler.

Here's the bio from Larime's web site: "Larime Taylor is a disabled mouth artist born with Arthrogryposis and lives in California. Life on $750 a month from Social Security isn’t easy, so he supplements his income with his art. Larime draws with his mouth on a Wacom Cintiq tablet generously provided by Wacom."

You can check out Larime's web site for more examples of his work. If you like this, why not commission Larime to make a drawing for you? You can contact him directly through his web site or by emailing And get this: for TDITC readers, he'll do a sketch like this one for $30. A more detailed sketch is $100. 

I love this drawing so much that I'll be using it as a logo for Roo's List.