Maybe Kahooki thinks that pillow is PETA

The video below is Roo after hunting a mouse in the rocks (and not catching him, she never does - in fact, I'm convinced she only pretends there's a mouse), then taking a dip in the Sea of Cortez before deciding the real enemy is a pillow.

Sorry for not posting lately. I have been sick and weak all over again and doing battle with the killers at PETA.

Do you know that PETA has a 100-percent kill policy at their Virginia shelter? It is the shelter with the highest kill ratio in the United States. PETA have for years kept 'kill kits' in their cars, so animals don't even get to make it to the shelter. They say that all of the documented 30,000 animals they've killed (and that count was from a long time ago, so it's a lot higher now) were damaged and unadoptable. Police and investigators have a different story. They found healthy kittens and puppies stuffed into garbage bags and dumpsters outside their "shelter." There are countless horror stories about PETA.

In the animal community, there is a a widespread opinion that PETA founder and chief Ingrid Newkirk seems to have become unhinged. She didn't start with her current endorsement of widespread killing of animals. She has admitted to killing countless animals personally. Her slogan is, "No animal wants to die for your dinner." And yet her policy is to kill every animal she gets her hands on.

Yesterday, in defense of her 100-percent kill policy, she tweeted to me that, "Too many animals, not enough homes." Is that a copout or what? Tell that to Independent Labradors, which rehomes or keeps in foster care 100 percent of animals. Tell that to Karma Rescue, which never lets a dog down, and they rescue mostly pit bulls, which PETA has said should all die.

Warehouse? PETA doesn't even try. Their official policy is all-kill. No rescue. In rescue, you often hear about how a dog or a cat was "sprung from jail" when they're freed from the shelter. PETA has no jail. Just a death row. PETA's policy is not even to try to adopt or rehome any animal, no matter what.

Please, if you support PETA, have a look at the many stories like this one (there are far worse and more descriptive, but that one's in The Atlantic, which has the highest reputation in American journalism).

PETA uses instances of animal cruelty to raise money which they then spend on killing animals. It is a disgraceful and tragic con game, netting $35 million annually. Here's another article.

I will be campaigning against PETA on twitter, it looks like.

Also, by the way, there's a new web site called The Dodo. They are using exactly the PETA playbook of using stories of animal cruelty to make a buck. They are busy quoting PETA and have even - in their first week online - run stories by Bill Maher, who is on the PETA board, and another writer who makes the case, as PETA does, that animals have no rights. Boycott The Dodo until they walk the walk. So far, they're with PETA.

And here's a video postcard from a dog who would never have made it past PETA. 

[And here's an idea that PETA really won't approve of - Roo's List]