Running scared? PETA Deletes their Tweets to TDITC

Is PETA running scared?

All con artists change their patter whenever necessary. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that PETA deleted the tweets the leader of their cult made to me in the Rooki and the PETA pillow post. Ms. Newkirk seems to think that deleting her brief spasm of involuntary honesty will make the sadism behind their all-kill shelter policy disappear from view. The way you can tell that the tweets were deleted is to look at the way they're formatted in the posting. PETA's avatar and the usual Twitter formatting is gone. The message, however remains. Odd to think that a $35-million per year PR outfit never heard of screenshots, but it looks that way.

Considering that PETA - apart from its all-kill shelter,the kill kits their employees carry in their cars and the rest of their actual slaughterhouse operations - is nothing but a successful PR company that raises money, it's safe to assume that our calling attention to Ingrid Newkirk's personal desire to see animals die had some effect. Should we keep it up?

Newkirk is the one who said, "… I would go to work early, before anyone got there, and I would just kill the animals myself. Because I couldn't stand to let them go through that. I must have killed a thousand of them, sometimes dozens every day." Newkirk has a long history of thinking she's the god who knows best who should live and who should die. After all, none of the dead were ever asked if they would rather die immediately than get a chance at finding a home.

PETA's all-kill policy isn't running at 100-percent efficiency. Some animals are reputed to have made it out alive, though how this happens is a mystery, as PETA is not required by law to be monitored beyond the filing of some figures with the state. Still, way over 90 percent of the animals in their care die there. PETA's position is that killing the animals upon entry to their shelter is more humane than keeping them there for even one day. That's some damning commentary on PETA's shelter. 

And it is. PETA routinely allows terminally ill cats and dogs to die in cages without so much as a cushion. They have allowed trapped feral cats to go three summer days without water. The dead who are not carted off to be incinerated by the truckload have been known to be stuffed into garbage bags and dumpsters.

If PETA spent on adoption and rehoming what they spend on just one of the expensive billboards they so often boast about putting up, their shelter could go from all-kill to all-rescue. Overnight. That won't happen, because cult leader Newkirk has personally convinced her followers that killing animals is their destiny.

That's the "ethical" in PETA's name? As I said before, it's a gigantic con game and Ingrid Newkirk is just a sadist with a god complex.

There's more. PETA believes that killing cats and dogs is fundamentally justified on the grounds that no dog or cat should ever be kept as a pet - at least 20,000 years of human-animal bonding notwithstanding. Guess who's exempt? PETA employees, judging by a leaked group photo of PETA employees with dogs. Also, PETA believes that it would be better for all AIDS victims to die rather than to use one more animal for testing or the concoction of medicines. Except for… PETA members. Newkirk's Number 2 went on record defending her personal use of animal-derived insulin as necessary so that she can go on... defending animals. The hypocrisy is mind-numbing, unless viewed in the context of a cult.

I have a modest plan. It's simple and easy. It'll take some time to build, but build it will, if people come on board. It will help replace the lie that PETA is the organization that helps animals with the truth that they're the organization hellbent on killing them.

I'll tweet daily requests for a moment of silence at 10 PM eastern time for all the animals who died that day at the PETA shelter. And they do die every day. At last count - soon to be updated when new state figures are released - PETA admitted to nearly 30,000 slaughtered.

Those cats and dogs and rabbits never had a chance. And every animal deserves a chance.

Just click on the Twitter follow button, then retweet those tweets.

Let's try to stop the killing.