Roo's paw sliced open by one of the world's many morons


Who needs IQ tests when you can indisputably determine whether someone is an idiot by the infallible beer bottle test? Anyone who smashes beer bottles is either so stupid that they ought to be confined for their own safety or so malicious that they must enjoy the idea of dogs being maimed by shards of glass. In which case they should also be confined. In fact, if you have a son who's prone to smashing bottles, please handcuff him to a radiator in your basement and flood it. Slowly.

Last night the Kahoo picked up a deep, half-inch slice on one of her footpads. I've got it washed out, filled with Neosporin and covered. She's already going stir crazy, but when she walks she limps, and it seems like a better idea to make her lay low for a day or two. It's never happened to her before, and she does not like it.

She's such a good girl. After first believing that she couldn't lower her new footwear to the ground she tried removing it. I asked her once not to and she's left it alone since.