Juju Bear


You can see what Roo’s opinion is of letting a paw heal. She waits at the bottom of the stairs telegraphing juju non-stop until her wishes are met. Those wishes are simple. Mouse hunting in the desert. It’s now going on three days since her paw was cut. The cut looks nasty, but she’s not limping or favoring that paw at all any more. Her faithful servant caved and took her for a short walk. As soon I let her out of the car, she ran 30 yards, stopped, ripped her bandage off and shook her head to flick it away. Perhaps she thought footwear would hamper her quest for a mouse. Naturally, she climbed the first rock she could find, to gain purview of the field. This picture is near the same place where one of my favorite pictures of her was taken last year. The difference made by the miserable haircut she had six weeks ago is striking. Maybe I'll take her in to be cleaned up by the groomer here….