Oh, no. Night rabbits


Somehow, I'm convinced that my job is harder than Roo's. After all, I don't get to sleep in the car, I have to schlep the stuff, write, do the shopping, sleep on bad motel beds… and, of course, do everything Roo does. And yet, who gets all the sleep around here? The big advantage I have is that Roo's company is better than mine, so I'm not complaining.

If there was a web site for dogs where Roo could rate destinations, so far, North Carolina would be her Number One. Why? Two words: night rabbits. We went outside our disgustingly filthy motel room - once the heat came up it began to stink like the inside of the worst shoe you ever smelled - and there, running at full tilt, silhouetted in a streetlamp, was a magnificent night rabbit. Roo has never seen a rabbit at night. And this wasn't just some rabbit - this beast was king of the field, silhouetted in streetlight, running full tilt, front legs stretched forward and rear legs back, streaking 20 inches off the ground, telegraphing a powerful poke in the eye and an invitation to chase at a hundred miles hour that Roo has ever seen. 

Ha! Sorry, Bearface! Not a chance!

And so, a picture of the Kahoo counting big, fluffy night bunnies. She has big plans for them.

God help me.