A poem sent to Rooki & Me

Real Magic

by Pat Seger

A dog
there in the clouds,
can you see it?

a magnificent creature
larger than life.

Unable to discover
the earthly whereabouts
of that canine.

Maybe a miniature,
something more suited
to my experience as a caregiver.                      

A companion
chosen sight unseen
from words in black and white.

We would                                                                       
travel the world together
sharing all manner of adventure.

Offering healing                                               
in exchange for
hikes and sticks.

I said goodbye                                                           
as he was laid beneath rocks
close to his clouds.

Now there is Roo
outwardly defeated as I
when Orville found me.                                  

It is my turn now
to have patience
to nurture.

Restoring our health
one step, one stick
at a time.

Towards a moment
when we are no longer broken
and dream again.