And - they're off.

Photo by Alex Koffler

Photo by Alex Koffler

We leave Asheville this morning for California, in what might be the act of a madman. The alternative would be to put it off until some time in the future and then have to trudge out there anyway and not only keep spending money on storing things in my old hangar at Santa Monica Airport, but be required to buy more stuff out here. Seems better to get this forced march underway at the tail end of winter instead of in the spring. To think that Notes from a Dog Rescue in Progress, the story of meeting Roo and adopting each other, ended with a road trip from Los Angeles to the East Coast that, at the time, I thought would have some finality to it.

Goes to show you shouldn't believe everything you read, even if whoever wrote it thought it was the truth.

I'll drop some updates in from the road.

We're off.

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