What happened with today's stray

I took Roo to a hiking trail she likes down in Brevard. A long drive, but worth it for her to be on familiar terrain after two days of deep fear. We stopped for gas on the way, and this big Lab was scavenging outside the convenience store. He had just treated himself to a swim somewhere. He was a really good boy - as friendly and well mannered as they come, Lab nobility. He was easy to approach and he let me get a leash on him and read the number embroidered on his collar without any fuss. I got his owner's voicemail and a call back right away. The owner was surprised and grateful to hear about his dog, but he was working out of town and couldn't get him. When I offered to drop Eagle wherever he liked, he asked me to bring him back to his house.

The first clip is my trying to lure Eagle into the car. He never got more than his front paws in, and I had to heft him the rest of the way. Wonderful back therapy after all this moving. Of course, he did what all retrievers do and had a nice shake as soon as he got in, just in case there were parts of the headliner Roo might have missed the ten thousand times she's shaken off in there.

On the phone, his owner said, "That dog can climb fences." When we got to his house, I could see what he meant. Eagle and his sister Hershey have a great setup. They have their own large, beautifully fenced pen and dog house, all situated in a shady yard. Hershey was still there, and everything was secured. Eagle, a determined fellow, just made it over the fence somehow. One of those cases when even in the face of lots of love and care, a determined dog makes it out. Maybe he's watched The Great Escape one time too many.

A good ending to what could have turned out with the Eagle in jail or in the hospital. 

Instead, the Eagle has landed - in the dog house.