Roo Van Winkle

11:34 AM

11:34 AM

It's 11:34 AM. I've been up for six hours. Roo is still crashed out.

There's no point in offering to take her out before 8 - she never rolls out of bed that early - but today she declined that first invitation and every one since. She's up on the bed and doesn't want to get off. She still won't go. She seems okay - neither sick nor sad. She's snoring loud as I type this - and Roo is generally not much of a snorer.

We were expecting thunder last night. I was expecting it because the Weather Underground site said they were on their way. Roo seems to have been expecting it because it began to rain hard around 10, and she must have thought that when it comes to the rain, if there's smoke, there must be fire. 

I was up most of the night. I never heard any thunder. In preparation for her expected ordeal, Roo had chosen a new hiding place where she could wedge her head in between a big box and the wall. It was right next to the bed, where I could see her. She was fine. It only rained. Nonetheless, she didn't leave her hiding spot and go to bed. Emergency planning, Rooki-style

Could Roo just be exhausted from spending all night worrying about thunder that never came?