Roo challenges a raging river to a duel - twice

On a walk along the South Mills River, I came around a corner to see Roo treading water. Having come from behind, I knew that she was in no danger, because all she had to do was what she usually does in fast water, which is let it drift her backwards until she finds a good place to come out. Right behind her, just around the corner of that rock, is level ground where she could easily stroll right out of the water. 

Though it's hard to tell in the video, those rocks are steep. Maybe they looked intimidating and made her worry and try to battle the current. I didn't want her to make any mistakes, so I was going to have to go after her. Getting down to where she was was problematic, though. It's a six-foot descent over muddy branches and mossy rocks.

I grabbed a six-foot long stick and held it down to Roo - she grabbed it immediately and pulled against the current to a spot where I could get to her.

Roo being Roo, she must have been holding a grudge against that spot until the she encountered it again and decided on revenge - a dish which is best served cold, after all.

Revenge on Mother Nature, however, means another trip down the rocks for the old man.

By the way, if the picture is blurry, click on the gear icon in the lower right to select higher video quality.