Roo in recovery mode

Here's the little bear crashing out. She's a little on the low key side, but considering what she went through, she could have been a lot worse. Thanks again to the great team at Regional Emergency Animal Care Center and Dr. Ulke and Vet Tech Rachel and everybody else there. Everybody was gentle and kind to Roo. How lucky to have such a fine ER clinic right there. 

The swelling is down almost all the way. There's just some puffiness under one of the punctures. The medications seem to help. Roo will get a last does of painkiller tonight. I held off on it, but I can see that she's not as comfortable, so why not.

She has demonstrated an interest in verifying whether snake does indeed taste like chicken or whether that was just a drug-induced hallucination.I have been steadily obliging her requests for extra chicken for experimental purposes. She is after all, Rookyl the Snakey Bear.