Roo right before and after the snakebite

This is painful to watch, but here's the Kahoo about 15 minutes after her snakebite. The first five or so, I think, were after she stumbled out of the bushes looking surprised. The onset of the pain was quick. After those five minutes, Roo was limping enough that I checked her paw and forearm for thorns or cuts. There was nothing evident. Within another couple of minutes the pain was bad enough for her not to want to walk at all. I carried her as far as I could, but the last 300-400 feet were just beyond my capacity. When I put her back down, the bit of rest she had from being carried for 8-10 minutes seemed to have helped. Here she is hobbling her way back. She was at the ER ten minutes later. 

And this is either when she was bitten or a minute before: