Roo is home

Rooki was sprung from the hospital about an hour ago. She was trembling but glad enough to leave that she jumped right into the car, which Roo, as a matter of style, never does. After that, how bad she's feeling immediately became evident. 

Apart from being blasted on every drug ending in -yl from benadryl to fentanyl to rimadyl (maybe I'll call her Rookyl for a while), the arm with the snakebite is swollen up as tight as a drum. It has to hurt. For the pain she was being given the strong stuff in the hospital and is supposed to get tramadol later. I'm not looking forward to jamming it down her throat, but from my own surgeries, accidents and injuries, I know that it's better to keep the pain meds ahead of the pain than the other way around. There won't be any sneaking the pills in with food, because she isn't interested in eating. I had some chicken ready for her. She wouldn't touch it.

Her other arm is shaved also, for the IV catheter through which she was hydrated and given the antivenin. Roo looks like she's been chewed up and spat out. By a snake. Which, I guess she was.

When she got back in the house, Roo hid and peered out from a few spots. The trembling from the hospital had stopped, but her tail was tucked almost all the way to her belly. She made a move to itch herself, but stopped. I got the burrs out of her coat with a slicker brush, and that seemed to relax her. A night in a cage can make anyone itchy.

She's feeling horrible. Sick, in pain and coming down from a whole night of being handled and frightened. If there aren't any further repercussions from the bite, though, she ought to start getting better. There are supposed to be thunderstorms this afternoon, which won't help. 

Today is not a good day to be Roo.