Snakebite Update

Rooki came out from hiding a couple of hours ago and ate some chicken. That tasted pretty good, so she ate some more. She looked at me. I gave her some more. Then her favorite thing in the world - a piece of salami, with her painkiller wrapped up in it. It went down. In between bites, she just looked around with her glassy, stoned eyes.

She's dazed and uncomfortable, but she seems to be on the mend. Her arm looks terrible. Two holes, a small, round one, and another that is an inch-long bloody, pulpy area. All of it bruised. That arm is inflated and the skin is stretched around it so tight that it feels hard. Most of her other arm was shaved for the IV, so she has one twig and one branch extending from her trunk. But none of the discharge or additional swelling the vet said to look for, so - so far, so good. Best of all, she seems to have stopped hiding, so the shock of being in the hospital overnight must be wearing off.

She's not allowed to run around for a few days, so Roo can be expected to go insane.