Roo considers moving out.

Roo is really not having fun. She has a rash that has resulted in holes opening up in her skin. Her entire back is covered in little scabs, her belly has a rash on it, she's scratched one of her nipples raw. 

The vet has diagnosed some kind of allergy. So now the World Bear has to endure a course of steroids and antibiotics. All this stuff happened so fast. Last week she was itchy, but that seemed to have subsided after a few days in the e-collar and zonked on Benadryl. But then it zoomed back and by yesterday it seemed like she was developing eye and ear problems. The sores on her back weren't evident to the touch until they started to scab up, so they must have been going on for a few days.

Roo has informed me in writing that if I intend to enforce the veterinarian's 10-day No Swim Mandate, she is going to seek different custody arrangements.