The Squirrel Who Knew Too Much


Most dogs die of old age before they realize their life's ambition of catching a squirrel. Even Roo, who lives to hunt, doesn't bother to chase them every time she sees them any more. She's sick of them, always scurrying up the nearest tree, their little tails bobbing up down so invitingly. Still, there might be no animal in the world more interesting to her, more desirable as a catch, than a squirrel.

On the trail, Roo often disappears from sight when she goes off to chase someone. This time she wasn't gone a minute when she came back to show me this. It isn't certain that she caught that squirrel. I didn't see a chase, so either that squirrel was already dead when she found it, or some lightning strike of luck edged the squirrel into Roo's path and she pounced. Maybe he was just an especially daring squirrel and asked for it. He could have been showing off to his friends. Maybe he just knew too much. At first I didn't think so, but looking back on it, it seems that the odds are good that she did nail him, because not only was she extremely proud but also slowed down the way she does after a big endorphin rush. 

Roo carried the squirrel around for 15 minutes before burying it. As you can see, she accorded the squirrel full military honors with a careful interment. 

RIP, little squirrel, whoever you were.