A smart little girl who knows better than to get too close to a wet Kahoo

At least Roo can now be the only one sinking to new levels of exhaustion. The factory in Lagrange widened her sleeping area. Her bed is complete, and she can now stretch out properly. The first time she went to it, she might have noticed that something was different, because she didn't harumph the way she usually did about the size of her space, but she did automatically bunch herself up in the curled position she was used to for the size it was before. The new ten inches were unused. After a few minutes she tentatively stretched out, and that was when she realized it worked. I didn't film it, because a camera close to her indoors makes her go away unless she's doing something. So, all I have from Lagrange is this video postcard of this little girl at the park who thought Roo was cute.