Foiled again: Researchers rob us blind

New readers of this blog may not be aware of this, but last year Roo and I achieved several scientific breakthroughs. Not the least of these was the first way to measure tongue length in dogs with remarkable precision. Moreover, the technique enables other home experimenters to replicate the findings independently.

Today, scientists at Virginia Tech have announced their analysis of the fluid dynamics at work when a dog drinks. Fine. It would only have been fair of them them to acknowledge that Roo and I were the first to succeed in the field of precision dog tongue length measurement, which make up a keystone of their research. Oh, this kind of perfidy is nothing new. Orville and Wilbur Wright went to their miserable graves without ever acknowledging Octave Chanute's trussed biplane design as the basis for their own.

Sour grapes? No—Roo and I don't mind sitting alone in some wasteland motel room watching the news every year when the Nobel Prizes are awarded. Frankly, in the naïvete of her youth, Roo is the one surprised when our research goes unnoticed. 

Now, I am delighted with this new research and believe, like everyone else, that it is bound to revolutionize our relationships with all our dogs. For example, in light of these findings, most people will start furnishing water to their dogs using bowls instead of forcing them to drink from a faucet.

It's just that science is exhausting enough without having to defend the priority of one's claims every time some gang of newbie nerds comes along. All I can say is Roo and I will start picking out our barstools to watch these guys get the Nobel Prize that should have been ours.

Allow me to present the original research again. There are two other scientific videos that accompany that one (at the link at the beginning), but this is the one concerning this potential ethical breach. And even though they did not include the Roo findings, We will be more magnanimous than they and include theirs.