Roo has a cut in webbing between toes — need vet advice

First of all, it's a testament to the robust engineering of dog paws that Roo has any paws left at all, considering the amount of exercise she gets and the ferocity with which she digs. I only remember one other time she had a wound, and that was when she was cut in Mexico.

The night before last, she was licking her right forepaw. I couldn't see anything wrong, other than the fur between her toes being a bit on the sticky side. I snipped everything out and still couldn't see anything. It kept bothering her—barely: she only occasionally licks it, and she doesn't show any indication of soreness when walking or when I handle the paw. But because of her history with lick granulitis (the big holes she had from licking through her skin before I fostered her), and the trouble she used to have with hot spots, I'm careful about not letting her lick herself to the point where she injures herself.

This cut is only about three millimeters long. It's right at the center of the webbing between two toes. All the hair is snipped of and I'm keeping Neosporin on it, but I'm worried that any weight on the paw will stretch it and keep it from healing. I tried putting a sticky bandage on it to keep the toes from spreading, but that endured about two minutes of walking.

If any vets or techs read this, please advise....