Warming a cold nose; Pre-operative instructions

Word was that it didn't get too cold here in Asheville, North Carolina, but that was malarkey. It is cold enough for the Kahoo to have to resort to nosewarming techniques. If it's cold for someone who gets hot enough to take a dip when the temperature is in the teens, it's cold. 

On Thursday I'm going to have my shoulder replaced. I think that things are organized for Roo so that it won't lay down too much of a speed bump for her. She was going to go to day care at the boarder's house tomorrow, but it's going to be 14 degrees in the morning, so the dogs there will all have to hang out in the house all day, and it'd be better for Roo to go on Monday, when it won't be so cold that they can't spend at least some time outside.

After I get out of the hospital on Saturday, someone will be coming to walk Rooki, but only on a leash. She won't be getting any decent hikes for many weeks. I feel like a rat for not being able to wait for this operation until the weather warms. But there it is. She is going to be bored out of her skull. I know everybody always likes to say that a dog will be fine as long as they're with you. Sorry, but bull. Roo is going to be absolutely miserable.

I've learned some key lessons during this pre-operative period. In case they night help anyone else, here they are, in order of importance:

  • Never do anything which might result in surgery.
  • If you must have surgery, do not accidentally stumble on a YouTube video that demonstrates the way it takes two surgeons, one to grab ahold of your arm while the other maneuvers the bone out of the socket about five inches and whacks it with a hammer and chisel to break off the bone. Your preoperative period will be much more pleasant if you heed this point in particular.